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Meteorology can be a complex science for even the most seasoned professionals.  Deciphering the science of weather and making it understandable is often difficult and challenging.  Canada is a country of diverse weather conditions, often changing within minutes.  The weather in Canada can go from one extreme to the other in a very short time frame with disastrous consequences.

At times, these changes in weather can play a role in our daily lives such as accidents and personal injury, insurance claims from automobile collisions, lost productivity, late shipments of goods and the list goes on.

We live a litigious society in which meteorological evidence and testimony can play a part in court proceedings.  Forensic Climatology has a role to play in all of these aspects of weather related issues.  FCC Inc. can help eliminate the pain of procuring, analyzing and dissectting the facts of a past weather event and present in a format which is easily understood and accepted by the layman.

Our goal is to provide a report that reads like a story, providing scientific facts, while also telling a timeline  of events leading to an outcome.

We have 42 years of experience in meteorology and climatology and we are well respected by peers and colleagues.  FCC is an award winning company with integrity, and industry fairness.

We are willing to help you through the "Fog".

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